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This quilt lessons and quilting tutorial section contains online how to information about finishing your quilt along with tips that will help you with your quilting.

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*NEW* Updated: May 1, 2016


Preparing for Quilting

Backing & Binding Calculator

Backing Fabric ~ Determining Yardage Chart

Backing Fabric ~ Diagonal Backing

Backing Fabric ~ Diagonal Backing Calculator

Backing Fabric ~ Off Centre 4 Patch
Backing Ideas

Batting ~ Piecing Smaller Pieces

Batting Information

Batting Information

Preparing Your Quilt for a Longarm Quilter
Preparing Your Quilt Top
Quilt Sandwich (.pdf file by request)

Quilt Sandwich

Squaring Backing Fabric

Quilting the Layers

Machine Quilt A Large Bed Quilt on Home Sewing Machine

Quilt As You Go

Quilt Frame Plans ~ Ceiling Stored

Quilt Frame Plans ~ Traditional

Quilting Border ~ Getting a Repeat Design to Fit

Quilting by Hand (.pdf file by request)

Quilting by Hand

Quilting by Hand ~ Burying the Knot

Quilting by Hand ~ Freehand

Quilting by Hand ~ Making the Knot

Quilting by Hand ~ Perfecting Your Stitch

Quilting by Machine ~ Free Motion Filler Designs

Quilting by Machine ~ Free Motion Motifs

Quilting by Machine ~ No Marking Method (Stabilizer)

Quilting by Machine ~ Longarm Pantograph Placement Guide
Quilting by Machine ~ Piano Key Border Design
Quilting by Machine ~ Printable Graph Papers

Quilting by Machine ~ Stippling

Quilting by Machine ~ Stippling (video)

Quilting by Machine ~ Tips

Quilting Design Choices

Quilting Motifs
Transfering Quilting Designs with Tulle

Tying a Quilt

Tying a Quilt ~ By Machine
Tying a Quilt ~ No Knot or Tail

Finishing the Edges

Bias Binding (.pdf by email request ~ member's only)

Bias Binding

Bias Binding Calculator

Bias Tape

Bias Tape Maker ~ Printable

Binding (.pdf file by request)

Binding Calculator Chart
Binding ~ by Machine

Binding ~ Continuous Bias

Binding ~ Double Sided

Binding ~ Flange

Binding ~ Fusible

Binding ~ Hexagons

Binding ~ Inside Corners
Binding ~ Machine Sewn
Binding ~ Matching Stripe
Binding ~ Mitred Corner Trick

Binding ~ Odd Angles

Binding ~ Ruffled

Binding ~ Ruffled (.pdf file by request ~ member's only)

Binding ~ Striped

Binding ~ Scrappy Bias

Binding ~ Wide (.pdf file by request ~ member's only)

Binding ~ With Invisible Seam

Binding ~ With Quilt Backing - Back to Front

Couched Binding

Ending Double Fold Binding
Ending Double Fold Binding ~ Tucked into a Pocket
Facing the Edge

French Facing

Hexagon Edge

Piping ~ Faux

Prairie Points

Prairie Points Edging (.pdf file by request ~ member's only)

Prairie Points Edging

Ric-Rac Edge

Ric-Rac Trimmed Bias Binding

Rounding Corners

Scalloped Edge

Scalloped Edge Binding

Self Binding (.pdf file by request)

Self Binding

Final Touches

Add-Ons (.pdf file by request)

Hanging ~ Wall Hanging

Label (.pdf file by request)

Label ~ Circle

Label ~ Custom Clothing

Label ~ Envelope

Label ~ Inked

Label ~ Printable (.pdf file by request)

Label ~ Printing Your Own

Label ~ Sayings

Mounting & Hanging Textiles

Pillow from Embroidered Block

Quilt Display Rack

Quilt Display Rack

Quilt Poems for Labels

Quilt Saying for Labels (.pdf file by request)

Sleeve for Hanging the Quilt (.pdf file by request)

Sleeve for Hanging the Quilt
Sleeve ~ Temporary for Quilt Show


Tube Sleeve (.pdf by email request ~ member's only)

Weighing Down a Wallhanging

Wooden Quilt Hanger

Wooden Quilt Hanger

Wooden Quilt Hanger ~ Compression

I have set up a Quilt Labels Board on Pinterest.
Click the link below to see additional quilt label ideas in pictures!

Quilt Label Ideas on Pinterest


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